About This Site

This is a paclet server, built with Mathematica. It lists the currently available paclets for installation. You can install paclets via PacletInstall .

Before installing, be sure to check out the Change Log to make sure that you trust the developer.

To install a paclet, run:

 << https://paclets.github.io/PacletServer/Install.wl
  • To update it, replace PublicPacletInstall with PublicPacletUpdate .

About Paclets

Paclets are the standard Mathematica package distribution format. They're the source code for a package compressed with a PacletInfo.m file that provides meta-information about the package.

Paclets installed via PacletInstall can automatically be loaded via Get without passing the source name and provide all of the conveniences of a Mathematica application.

Submitting Paclets

If you've developed a package and would like it listed here you can submit it via GitHub.

The instructions are on the main repository .